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— Kevin C

Lakeville, MN is a wonderful and quickly growing city, with roots going all the way back to 1853. From Lakeville, it's a quick 20-mile drive to either downtown Minneapolis or St Paul.

As the name implies, Lakeville has several lakes, ponds and wetlands. It is also considered the Gateway to the Twin Cities, when coming up Interstate 35 from the south.

Recently, there has been a lot of new home construction taking place in Lakeville, and these new homes should have no algae growth problems on their roof shingles for several years. But for those home owners with more established houses, many are now noticing their roof shingles, and in many cases, roofs in the whole neighborhood, are becoming plagued with the algae caused black streaks.

This condition is devastating to the lovely curb appeal aspect they had previously enjoyed. Curb Appeal Roof Cleaning has the solution for Lakeville, MN homeowners that are looking for a way to get rid of the stains and streaks, leaving your roof shingles free of algae, bacteria, mold, moss and lichen.

Our results are immediate. We can rid your Lakeville, MN home, business, or association group of the ugly black streaks on your roof.

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