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Burnsville, MN got its start as primarily an Irish farming community, and has been growing ever since. In 1960, the population was listed as approximately 2,700 people, and today, at over 60,000, is the 10th largest city, by population, in the state of Minnesota.

Burnsville is located close several major highways for easy commutes, and is home to such attractions as Buck Hill Skiing and Recreation Area, the Burnsville Mall, tons of retail shopping and restaurants, the Ames Center for Performing Arts.

Lately, Burnsville homes owners have been noticing more and more that black streaks, algae, lichen and mold is growing on their shingles. Some have even been told by their homeowners insurance companies that they must address the issue, or face the possibility of being dropped from coverage.

These homeowners have been turning to locally owned Curb Appeal Roof Cleaning to get the issue resolved.

In just a couple of hours, Curb Appeal Roof Cleaning crews are able to completely eradicate the black staining and streaks, and even tackle tough moss, mold, mildew, algae and lichen from your shingles.

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