Roof Cleaning Apple Valley, MN 55124

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— Kevin C

Everyone knows the Minnesota Zoo is located in Apple Valley, MN but the town also has so much more to offer. Founded in 1969, Orin Thompson home-builder began creating the neighborhood streets and homes that are still in existence today.

Current day Apple Valley, MN touts an abundance of shopping, entertainment and dining options to its nearly 50,000 residents. Home owners in Apple Valley, MN have been noticing black streaks on their shingles, and some HOA's are even requiring residents to address this unsightly situation, so they either have to clean it or replace it.

Full roof replacements cost thousands of dollars and, the truth is, it is usually unnecessary. Roof cleaning is only a few hundred dollars.

Would you throw your car away just because it was dirty? No! You would simply wash the car, saving yourself thousands of dollars, and your car will look like new.

The same is true for roof shingles. When newly installed, they look beautiful. But after a few short years, algae, lichen, moss and black streaks begin to appear. Rain doesn't wash it off, and winter doesn't kill it. It just keeps getting progressively worse.

Are you ready to take back curb appeal of your Apple Valley, MN home, and rid your shingles of the ugly black stains (or green or white)?

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