roof stains & how they affect your home

In addition to being Minnesota's only Roof Cleaning Institute of America-Certified roof cleaning company, Curb Appeal Roof Cleaning prides itself on providing the information you need to make an informed decision about your roof.

What is the black stuff that's on my roof?

Many people assume that the black stains on their roof are dirt, mold or moss, but it's much more likely that they're coming from a prevalent algae known as Gloeocapsa Magma or “GM."

Besides being downright unattractive the black streaks can diminish the roof’s ability to reflect sunlight, thus absorbing sun and heat. Your air conditioner will be working overtime to combat this heating effect.

What’s more, your roof warranty may be voided if it is determined that proper roof maintenance was not performed. Insurance companies are now more commonly cancelling policies due to this same lack of maintenance.

Moss and Lichen: If you are seeing areas of  green or white growth on your roof, this is likely moss and lichen. This type of growth can have significant root systems within the shingle body itself. For that reason, our process will stop the growth by killing the organism, however, we do not force them off.  Letting them wither up and fall off naturally in rain or wind is the safest, least damaging, and most effective way to eliminate them without damage to the shingle.  Please know that in these cases, your roof is going to look a little worse before it gets better.  In a few short weeks, most, if not all of the dead material will have exited, and you will enjoy the full beauty of your newly cleaned and sanitized roof. 


Do I really need to clean my roof?

By not providing proper roof maintenance, the homeowner may greatly reduce the useful life of the roof, thus necessitating early replacement. A properly maintained roof could last for up to 30 years. Those ugly black streaks are destroying your home's good looks and value.

While some home owners are not as worried about the visual appearance of their roof, there are financial benefits to maintaining a clean, beautiful roof. Summer time air conditioning costs are driven sky-high by a roof that has lost it's reflectivity due to being covered in algae streaks.  A well maintained roof enjoys a longer life span, meaning you, the homeowner, save money by replacing less often.

It's important to know that some Home Owners Associations (HOA’s) are now requiring residents to maintain their roofs to protect neighborhood beauty and home values.

Get your curb appeal back by hiring Curb Appeal Roof Cleaning!



Can I Clean My Roof Myself?

While it's possible for a home owner to clean their own roof, it is not necessarily cost-or time-effective to do so. Renting the equipment and buying the products needed to clean off the black streaks on your roof can cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention your time.  Homeowners need to exercise extreme safety precautions when attempting such an endeavor, with steep pitch, slippery surfaces, ladder climbing, power-lines nearby, and even such hazards as wasp nests, making conditions treacherous. Leave it to the professionals at Curb Appeal Roof Cleaning.

Curb Appeal Roof Cleaning prides itself in not only being top-level professionals at cleaning roofs, but doing so at a reasonable rate for our customers. In addition to providing excellent service, we also offer an unmatched two-year warranty on all full roof cleanings, meaning that we'll re-treat if the black streaks do come back.

We're proud to be the only roof cleaning company in Minnesota that is Certified by the Roof Cleaning Institute of America, the largest roof cleaning industry trade association in the world.

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